In many ways, a workplace can be a delicate environment. A new hire presents an additional element to the everyday dynamic, which why it is important to consider the impact a new employee will have on your team.

Clearly Define Workplace Roles

Gather your team and talk about the new hire’s role in the workplace, as well as how that role will affect everyone else’s jobs. This is especially important in small to medium-size businesses, where close-knit workers can wonder what the addition of a new employee means for their current roles and the team dynamic.

Warm Your Team Up to the New Employee

Talk to your current staff about why you hired their new co-worker. Discuss the new employee’s work experience and skills, as well as other positive characteristics. The point of doing this is to pre-sell the new co-worker and paint a good verbal picture of the value he or she brings to the team – and the company as a whole. By doing so, you’ve already laid the groundwork for the new hire’s arrival and set an ideal climate for cooperation from the entire team.

Get Everyone Involved

Instead of handling the transition process yourself, task members of your team to welcoming the new hire. These duties can include assigning someone to give the new co-worker a tour of the company, scheduling a team lunch, and facilitating introductions between current staff. The more involved your existing employees are, the more valued they will feel.

Discuss Any Existing Concerns

It’s natural for a new hire to change the dynamic of the workforce. If any existing team members are concerned about how a new hire will impact their individual role or the team dynamic as a whole, having a one-on-one meeting to discuss these concerns can alleviate any potential bumps in the road before the new hire has their first day on the job.

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