As with any new experience, there can be a bit of a learning curve when you first work with a recruiter on your job search. It is important to know both what to expect from the recruiter, and what the recruiter expects from you so you can have a successful, mutually beneficial engagement.

Here are some of the benefits to working with a Recruiter:

  • A strong network – Niche recruiters know the people and the companies that are moving and shaking in your industry.
  • The human connection – Our recruiters know and understand the needs of our clients, and act as an advocate for each candidate trying to find them the best possible role.
  • An inside line – Many companies use recruiters to fill jobs they have not posted to the general public. The only way to hear about these openings is to work with a recruiter.
  • Long-term fit – Employers are looking for candidates with staying power. Recruiters match candidates based on the likelihood they will succeed and be happy over the long term.
  • Learn your value – A specialized recruiter will tell you exactly what you are worth in your current market.
  • Confidentiality – Recruiters know how to run a confidential search so you can breathe easy throughout the workday.
  • Interview prep – The recruiter knows what each hiring manager is looking for and can offer you strong preparation material.
  • Feedback – After each interview, the recruiter will share what you did well and where you could improve.

How to Be a Recruiter’s Ideal Candidate

The recruiter is your gateway to the interview chair, so nurture the relationship and do everything you can to impress. Here are some quick tips for being a great candidate:

  • Provide documentation efficiently – When the recruiter asks for information from you, gather it and send it as quickly as you can.
  • Be responsive – It’s not always possible to answer the phone or respond right away to emails, but make every effort to respond in a timely manner.
  • Be clear about what you want – Sending you on interviews for jobs you’d never take wastes the time of the employer, the recruiter and you. Be honest and clear about your goals, expectations, needs and wants from a position.
  • Work through the recruiter – Do not go around the recruiter and reach out directly to the hiring manager.
  • Offer referrals – If you really want to score some points and build a strong relationship with your recruiter, offer strong referrals of colleagues who are open to new opportunities.

We invite you to learn more about Queen Consulting Group. Our process is simple and always confidential, and we work to make strong matches that will benefit both you and your new employer.

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