Throughout the hiring process, it can be easy to forget that candidates are evaluating you at the same time you are evaluating them. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 42 percent of job seekers who reported a poor candidate experience said they would never apply to that company again, 22 percent indicated they would tell others not to apply there, either and nine percent said they would even tell their friends and family not to purchase products from that organization. Providing a positive end-to-end candidate experience isn’t just polite – it is essential for maintaining your employer brand.

The New Word of Mouth

Thanks to the internet, job seekers can hop onto popular sites like Indeed and Glassdoor to review their experience with a potential employer. Make no mistake, candidates will look up your organization to see what others are saying. Word of mouth can and does spread quickly, whether positive or negative.

Respect Candidates’ Time

Employed candidates have to take time away from their job to come to your interview, and that should not be taken lightly. Employers expect interviewees to show up early, but then often make them sit around for managers to gather. Making candidates wait says, in no uncertain terms, “We don’t value your time.” And that sends the message you won’t value them as an employee. Interview start times should be set in stone, and try not to keep the candidate longer than the agreed-upon length of time you have blocked off.

Stay in Touch

Candidates pay close attention to timelines. If you tell an interviewee you’ll get back to them in five days, they will anxiously wait for their phone or email to ping them. Things happen and timelines change, so even if you have nothing to report, get back in touch with candidates to let them know what’s going on. Failing to stay in touch sends the message that you are not interested, and you could lose top talent during that lag time.

Don’t Lose the Talent War to Bad Experience

If you consider a candidate to be your ideal choice, odds are a competitor also has their eye on her. Talented people will choose to accept an offer from a company that treated them well and provided a positive experience. Put yourself in the job seekers’ shoes and go the extra mile to deliver communication, transparency and respect.

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