If you took an informal survey of your fellow technology professionals and asked what they look for in a job, you’d likely hear answers like opportunities to use their talents, the chance to grow their skills and job security. It can be difficult to find those qualities in a single employer, but working on a contract basis as a technology consultant puts you on the fast track to achieving those items on your wish list. If you are considering making the switch to consulting, here are four great benefits to becoming an IT consultant.

As a Consultant, You Are in the Driver’s Seat

One of the biggest benefits of consulting is the ability to pick and choose the projects you work on and the employers you work for. You will have constant access to new products, projects and resources, and you can choose the engagements that allow you to focus on the skills, industry and niche you enjoy the most.

Consulting also gives you the freedom and flexibility to accept or decline jobs. You can even take breaks between assignments to recharge your batteries. This flexibility helps protect you from burnout and allows you to approach each new project with fresh eyes and true excitement in your belly.

Consulting Helps You Grow and Cultivate Skills

The flexibility that comes with consulting also breeds the added benefit of acquiring and practicing new skills. No two projects will ever be the same and with each new employer, you will work with new programs, new platforms and new systems, growing your portfolio and expertise at every step. As a result, consultants increase their range of skills far more rapidly than people who remain in a single full-time position.

Consulting Gives You Job Security

It may seem counterintuitive to say that moving from project to project actually provides job security, but as a consultant, you never have to worry about getting a pink slip. You are contracted to work for a specific period of time for a specific amount of money; then you move on to the next assignment. Even if a company is going through cutbacks, you won’t be impacted.

Access to an Instant Advocate

You could try consulting on your own, but there is a great deal of sales and hustle involved in lining up your own work. When you work with a professional recruiter who is an expert in placing IT consultants, you can simply focus on the project at hand while your recruiter advocates for you in the market. Additionally, they act as a buffer between you and the employer. This gives you the best of both worlds – the freedom and flexibility of the self-employed, and a built-in advocate to help you line up jobs and negotiate salary.

Consulting is an exciting way to grow your technology career. If you are ready to take the plunge, contact the recruiters at Queen Consulting Group today.

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