Healthcare IT projects – like all IT projects – involve many moving parts. However, the complexity is compounded by the regulatory requirements, meaningful use targets, HIPAA rules and information security regulations of the U.S. healthcare system. Ensuring that networks, programs, applications and devices run smoothly and efficiently and that project goals hit targets requires not only an eye for project management but an eye for staffing, as well. High turnover or lack of access to skills can cripple a healthcare IT team. In order to bridge gaps and ensure smooth sailing, forward-thinking hiring managers are utilizing consultants to help ease the strain of full-time staffing initiatives.

On-Demand Access to Essential Skills

Given the current, competitive state of the healthcare IT job market, it can take months to fill open positions with full-time employees. Consultants and contractors have a much shorter and less complex hiring cycle, allowing project managers to access talent with the skills they need in a much shorter timeframe. Time-to-hire can be reduced even further by working with a specialized healthcare IT recruiter with an existing pipeline of consultants ready to step up to the plate.

High-Level Talent That Doesn’t Break the Budget

Consultants are typically not paid out of the direct hiring budget, which provides greater flexibility in hiring and ensures that budgets for specific projects and initiatives can stay in line. When the regular hiring budget is free, it also helps HR teams negotiate more accurately since they know exactly what they have to work with.

Consultants Can Be a Bridge to Full-Time Staff

Consultants can help round out the staff on short-term projects, but they can also help ease transitions. How many times have you hoped that a talented, exiting staff member could stay on and train the new person for a few weeks? When you utilize short-term consulting arrangements for healthcare IT initiatives, you can get your wish. The consultants who worked to get the project off the ground or manage an increase in demand can be there as during the onboarding process, helping train and acclimate new team members.

Making It Work to Your Advantage

Consultants can help IT teams remain productive and efficient, even amid difficult market conditions. However, without a clear strategy in place and without a strong plan for execution of that strategy, a foray into working with consultants can fail. If you are new to this strategy, you’ll want someone on your team that has experience working with consultants and who understands how to attract and hire talented contractors that add value to your team.

At Queen Consulting Group, our expert healthcare IT recruiters are experts at staffing healthcare IT projects with short-term and full-time staff. Our solutions help you manage budgets, fill open positions efficiently, ensure the timeliness of your projects and create bridges to your full-time staff. If you struggle to find healthcare IT talent and you’re interested in learning more, contact QCG today.

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