Interviews can be extremely stressful, but they don’t have to be rigid and boring. Ideally, they should be conversational, and your true personality should shine through so the hiring manager can get a feel for who you are and how you’d fit in with the existing team. Here are some tips on how to show your true self during an interview.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practicing your interviewing skills is the best way to ensure you arrive relaxed and prepared. When you know how to answer questions confidently and you have relevant anecdotes to share about your experience, you will feel more comfortable and your answers will flow naturally.


It is a proven fact that smiling actually changes your brain and can lift your mood. Even if you are nervous, remember to keep smiling. It will help you relax and once you relax, your natural personality will begin to shine through.

Let Your Sense of Humor Show

Humor should be tasteful. You don’t have to answer every question with a one-liner, but if you find an opening for a witty (yet professional) aside, take it. A sense of humor is important, and a recent survey of executives showed that nearly 80 percent thought that a sense of humor is important for fitting in with the team.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Many candidates are tempted to overcompensate when a question arises about a skill or experience they lack. While your knee-jerk reaction might be to say, “I’m an expert in that program,” though you’ve only used it once or twice; lying will always catch up with you. Instead, be honest. Say you are excited to learn and develop those skills, and express the fact you are a quick study. Hiring managers can tell when someone is misleading them, so always be honest and authentic.

Don’t Hide Your Passion

When the conversation shifts to areas of your profession you are truly passionate about, embrace your enthusiasm. Genuine passion is important for success, and it’s not something that can be taught on the job. Hiring managers find it refreshing when candidates are willing to shine a light on the things that keep them connected to their work.

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