In a competitive job market, employers have to do everything they can to give their company an edge with top candidates. In today’s hyper-connected world, every candidate can review your process online, and make no mistake; job seekers research your approach to hiring and interviewing. To protect your brand and give top talent a reason to say “yes,” creating an ideal candidate experience is a must.

Choose the Right Partner

Working with a staffing firm that truly understands your business can go far to create the kind of experience that will attract the best candidates to your organization. Your staffing partner can act as your surrogate, smoothing any bumps in the process and leaving the candidate with a great impression of your firm.

Create a Positive Interview Experience

The actual interview is where things can often head south. To attract the best people, keep the following in mind:

  • Give your recruiter a clear vision of your needs. Nothing is worse than wasting the time of a talented candidate (or your own). You and your staffing partner should only interview candidates who are likely to be a very good fit.
  • Don’t make them hurry up and wait. The fastest way to lose an in-demand candidate is with a prolonged hiring process or failure to follow up in a timely manner. Your recruiting partner can keep the candidate engaged and up to date, so be sure to communicate openly with them.
  • Make hiring decisions a priority for managers. Failing to make a hiring decision is harmful to the organization, the candidate and your staffing partner. Don’t drag it out unnecessarily. If the candidate presented doesn’t meet your requirements or simply doesn’t impress you, let the recruiter know and move onto the next one. Don’t be afraid to trust your gut.
  • Be honest about the timeline (and stick to it). Let your recruiter know what the timeline is for each step of the process; then stick to that timeline. If the process goes off track, reach out to the recruiter and ask them to update the candidate on your behalf.

Focus on Authenticity

The candidate experience should be a natural extension of your corporate culture. Choose a partner who understands your organization and the intangibles that will make a candidate a great fit. Focus on open and honest communication to get the most from your staffing partner and see candidates that you’ll be happy to make part of your team.

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