Staffing partners can make a world of difference in your hiring and retention strategies by improving the quality of new hires, shortening time-to-hire and managing the cost of candidate searches. If you want the relationship to result in success, help your staffing partner help you.

Successful Partnerships Require Successful Firms

Choose a partner that understands your market, but also takes the time to understand your business. No two companies have the same needs, even if they produce the exact same products or services. Be sure to choose a partner that takes a personalized, specialized approach to searches.

Communicate and Collaborate

For recruiters to send you candidates who will make valuable contributions, you must communicate with your recruiters. The ramp-up time won’t take long for seasoned partners, especially if you are forthcoming about your exact needs and if you provide detailed feedback on the candidates they recommend and the employees that you hire.

Keep your recruiters informed of any major changes coming down the pike as well. When your staffing partner can anticipate potential needs, it will result in a smooth process when openings arise.

Be Open to Feedback

Your staffing partner needs feedback from you to develop a successful relationship, but your team must also be willing to accept feedback. If recruiters provide strategies to boost success rates, be open to their suggestions on how to get around obstacles.

Set Realistic Timelines

Yes, there will be times when you need to fill a position in a very short timeframe; experienced recruiters understand that. However, no matter how talented a recruiter may be, they aren’t miracle workers. Be proactive and communicate your needs as soon as they arise, and work together with the recruiter to set a realistic timeline.

If you are ready to get the most out of a staffing partnership, contact the expert recruiters at Queen Consulting Group today.

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