Welcome to the last installment of QCG Team Spotlight for 2016! We have had an amazing year, and we can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for us, our clients and our talent network. This month, we’d like to introduce you to Recruiting Director Amy Migliore.

Team Member: Amy Migliore

Role: Recruiting Director

With Team QCG since: Oct 2011

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your role?

A: I love what I do every day. I get to work with a great team of people, plus I love IT staffing. We have the amazing ability to match people with jobs. This job challenges us to work with people, interact and stay current on IT technologies and be able to help better someone’s life, being able to find them a job they wouldn’t be able to get without us.

Q: What’s your best QCG memory?

A: The beginning days of QCG are the most memorable. It was such a stressful time – getting off the ground and starting in Boston, but we celebrated every success and needed every moment of every day to be impactful. It was trying and hard but so rewarding!

Q: What’s something you are surprisingly good at?

A: I have been able to draw horses since I was a little girl. I don’t actually draw anything other than horses now!

Q: What motivates you?

A: I am motivated by others around me needing me and expecting things of me. I am truly a “people person” – and want to make sure that I am benefiting the people around me as best I can every day. My team motivates me as well as the leadership staff of QCG.

Q: What’s something your QCG co-workers say about you?

A: Apparently I am always either hot or cold! Never happy with the temperature in the room!

Q: If you won an all-expenses-paid dream vacation to anywhere in the world – where would you go and why?

A: Right now I think I would choose an island somewhere! The winter is a brutal time in New England and the sun and sand sound perfect just about now.

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