When it comes to hiring advice, you’re probably used to hearing about the pitfalls of a slow process. And it’s true: If you move too slow, you will lose great talent. However, a rushed hiring process can be equally detrimental to retention, productivity and the morale of your team. The good news? There is a happy medium in there, a pace that allows you to take your time and make well-informed candidate decisions, without losing top talent.

Why Hiring Is Like Carpentry

There is an old saying in carpentry, “Measure twice, cut once,” to reinforce the importance of double-checking accuracy before wasting time and materials. You can apply this advice to your hiring process, as well. When you take the time to properly vet candidates for their skills, experience and cultural alignment, you greatly increase the chances the candidate who receives an offer is truly the best match for the job the first time around.

A thorough search takes time. But your internal team doesn’t always have the time to devote to a search, and every day that a position goes unfilled means money down the drain. When you work with an expert staffing partner, you have the ability to “measure twice and cut once.”

Niche staffing firms have an entire talent network at their fingertips. They cultivate relationships with passive candidates who aren’t actively pursuing a job, but would take a leap under the right circumstances. Recruiters are constantly adding to their network, and this ongoing process means they are continually interviewing, evaluating and vetting professionals with a variety of skills and talents. The slow and steady process is happening every day, behind the scenes.

A Measured, yet Efficient Hiring Process

When you’re ready to hire, your recruiter can send you candidates quickly who align with your needs. Once you have viable candidates to choose from, you can take the time you need to get to know each one before you extend an offer, and you have the benefit of the “intel” provided by your recruiter. The result is a measured, yet efficient interviewing and hiring process that yields positive results.

If you are ready to change your hiring approach to a process that ensures strong matches, contact the expert recruiters at Queen Consulting Group today.

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  1. Kirk

    Thanks for the article!

    I fully agree with your view on taking the time to vet the right candidate. They say, what comes quick goes quick, however in some cases you may get lucky!

    Anyway, appreciate the read!


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