TED Talks are a great way to learn new things and get inspired in less than 20 minutes. But with over 2,000 talks available in the online library, it can be overwhelming to find talks that speak to you. If you are an IT consultant looking for some professional inspiration and motivation, here are five TED Talks to check out now:

Malcolm Gladwell: Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce

Always one to find deeper meaning in the simple things around us, essayist Malcolm Gladwell takes an interesting look at the ways in which the quest for the perfect spaghetti sauce resulted in turning traditional ideas about research upside down.

Jason Fried: Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work

Where do you go when you really want to get something done? Probably not the office. In this TED Talk, Jason Fried takes a long hard look at the fact that the office is not the best place to be if you want to do work.

Navi Radjou: Creative Problem-Solving in the Face of Extreme Limits

IT consultants are often asked to make miracles happen in the face of extremely limited resources. Here, Navi Radjou illustrates the ways several entrepreneurs were able to innovate and achieve success despite extreme limitations.

Richard St. John: Eight Secrets of Success

What really leads to success? Richard St. John interviewed 500 successful TED speakers and attendees over the course of seven years to find the traits successful people share. He narrowed their responses to eight traits, showcased in a brief three-minute video.

Steven Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From

Do you know how inspiration actually happens? In this talk, Steven Johnson questions the myth of a single spark of inspiration and examines creative spaces that drive true innovation.

Talks like these can help you stay connected to your passion for your work, inspire you to approach problems differently and try new things on the job.

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