If you’ve sat through more than a few staffing or recruiting agency pitches, you have probably heard a lot of the same phrases over and over again. You have listened to firms tell you that they are “unique,” that they “focus on relationships,” or they have a “proprietary database.” So, how do you know who to work with? Outsourcing some or all your hiring processes to a third party is an enormous leap of faith. You need to know the firm you choose will be able to rise above your specific challenges and help you achieve your business goals.

If most recruiting firms are the same, what makes QCG truly stand out from other agencies? Here are just a few things that make us truly different:

  • Decades of IT recruiting experience. QCG’s company leadership has nearly 80 years of combined IT and technical recruiting experience. Add to that the experience of our staff, and you’re talking hundreds of years of time spent in the industry.
  • A focus on modern recruiting. We work hard to stay ahead of recruiting trends, and we’ve invested in communications tools and strategies to ensure we connect with top talent, whether they are actively looking for a job or just waiting for the right opportunity.
  • Emphasis on results over hours. Some firms will tell you how many hours they spend on any given job order. The truth is, we may have an ideal candidate in mind the minute a position opens. Or we may have to work a little longer to find that fit. Our focus is always the end result.
  • QCG recruiters are an extension of your team. Have you partnered with a recruiting firm that seems to work around you, rather than with you? QCG recruiters become an extension of your team. They are coordinators, collaborators, contributors and more. Working this way helps us provide you with exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate.

One of our biggest differentiators at QCG is our focus on our candidates. Many companies scramble to collect as many names and resumes as they can for their database, with little focus on their network’s personalities, goals or needs. They match a resume with a position and move on.

Our recruiters believe in nurturing their candidate network. They look beyond resumes and skill sets and learn what each consultant can contribute to an assignment, where their strengths truly lie, what they want from an employer, their goals, their workstyle and their personality. Strong fit requires a one-to-one match between employer and consultant. Our focus on our candidates ensures we’re providing you with the top consultants to meet your IT needs.

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