Ladies and gentlemen… start your engines!


Team QCG recently enjoyed a fast and furious day of team building at F1 Boston and dubbed it the Inaugural Queen 500.


The competition was fierce through 4 qualifying races, with speedster Melissa Hunter taking the pole position for the 20-lap main event.  It was pedal to the metal at the drop of the green flag, with 12 competitors vying for the checker.


The racing was intense as drivers jockeyed for position, and soon several minor crashes littered the track and forced caution.  A spin in the treacherous “corkscrew” saw second place runner Matthew Poplawski sail past Melissa for the lead, and he never looked back.  Streaking across the finish line with a fast lap time of 21.28 seconds, Matthew took the first place trophy, with Carl Foster finishing second and Shannon Allard rounding out the top three!


Team QCG would like to thank the great crew at F1 Boston for a top-notch experience.  We are counting the days until the 2nd Annual race!




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