Whether you are a long-term employee in a permanent position or work as a consultant on a short-term basis, one thing is certain: we all make mistakes. Making an error can invite negative feedback from a supervisor, but that doesn’t mean that the overall outcome of the situation must also be negative.

In fact, there are several things you can do to turn a mistake into a positive learning experience.

It’s Not Personal

It can be easy to take workplace criticism personally, especially if you are used to your manager recognizing you for doing an outstanding job. However, it’s important to remember that a boss who provides constructive feedback is genuinely interested in helping you overcome any shortcomings and become a more successful and valuable employee.

  • It results in higher-quality work from their team
  • It means less time for them spent correcting employee errors
  • It builds workers’ confidence in their managers

Show Your Ability to Communicate

Asking targeted, intelligent questions will help you understand your supervisor’s point of view, and demonstrate that you are listening closely to their feedback.

  • Managers value an employee who can discuss their own mistakes with the goal of learning and improving.
  • Work with them to develop an action plan that addresses and fixes the problem, and then agree on changes going forward that will prevent that specific mistake from happening again.

Set an Example

This is a chance to show both supervisors and co-workers that you are committed to improving and that you value constructive criticism. You won’t be the last person in your position to make a mistake, and others on your team will have you as an example to look to when their time comes.

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