Most people utilize at least one form of social media. If you are interested in finding high-level technology jobs, you need to add LinkedIn to your list of social media apps. LinkedIn is a great platform to build your personal brand. With 590 million users, LinkedIn provides you with a built-in network of connections in the technology field and the opportunity to showcase your talent.

LinkedIn guides you through the simple steps to build your personal brand:

  • A friendly, professional profile picture increases your visibility.
  • A current, creative job title attracts attention.
  • A completed profile, with your two previous places of employment, provides a broader overview of your talents.
  • Include your location so that Recruiters can find you.
  • Use the space behind your profile picture to showcase more about your knowledge, skills, abilities and interests.
  • Create a custom URL for your LinkedIn
  • Use the “Summary” section as a brief essay about you – where you are now and the direction you see yourself taking.

Now that you are visible on LinkedIn, import your contacts and connect with them. Once your connections start liking and sharing your posts, their connections will want to connect with you, building your network and increasing your credibility on the site.

Regular posts to LinkedIn can be as simple as sharing an interesting article in your field. You can also create original content, positioning you as a thought-leader in your field, garnering more attention to your profile and widening your network of connections.


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