Your resume advertises the most important thing you can sell: you!  It is the first piece of information an employer will have on you. Your resume needs to stand out from the rest and make a strong first impression.


Here are QCG’s tips on writing a solid resume:

Start with a Professional Summary

Highlight your skills, accomplishments, and what you really want to do in your next position.

Education and Certifications

Include any advanced degrees or certifications, and be sure to spell these out clearly and accurately.  Update this section as often as needed to keep it up-to-date.


Document your experience in chronological order and use action words:  What did you do?  What were you responsible for?  What was the business problem you worked on and how did you solve it or accomplish your goal?


Your resume should be between 1-4 pages and should never continue on past that.  Showcase the most applicable information and use a summary of previous experience as needed.

Easy to Read

Lastly, ensure your resume is easy to read and digest.  Don’t use different colors, fonts, etc.  Keep it clean!

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