Four Terrific Telecommuting Tactics

One impact the coronavirus has had on working America is most employees, probably yourself included, are now working from home. In fact, some of you might even be doing so for the first time. Here at Queen, we have plenty of experience in the telecommuting world, so today we wanted to share a few tried and true tactics for getting the most out of your workday at home.

Dress for Success Every Day

This one may seem kind of obvious, right? Trust us, it can get very tempting to spend all day in your pajamas. But when you do that, you’re less motivated to work hard. On the flip side, when you dress like you’re going to work, you put yourself into the mindset that, yes, I’m at work, and yes, I’m going to do a full day of work. It also creates an important work-life barrier. Once the workday is done you can take off your work clothes and lounge in your favorite yoga pants and hoodie.

Maintain a Designated Workspace

There are fewer greater benefits of working at home than getting to sit on the couch all day, right? Sure, the couch can be comfortable, but it can be hard to focus when you’re also relaxing. Set up a space in your home where you work every day. It doesn’t have to be a full office, but a desk or a table designated as your work-space can put you in a working mindset. Also, that important work-life balance comes into play, too. If you work all day on your couch, where are you going to relax when the workday is done?

Eliminate Distractions

Some of us work well with music in the background. If that’s you, there’s no harm in playing your library while typing away at your keyboard. But while light background noise is one thing, catching up on your Netflix binging is another. At best, you’ll be distracted. At worst, three hours will go by and you’ll realize you’ve done nothing. The same goes for things like personal email accounts, group Discord chats, social media, and more. If you have too many distractions, shut them off until your day is done.

Stay Connected

Social distancing is ideal for staying physically healthy, but too much isolation can take a mental toll. If you live alone, you can feel even more cut off from the rest of the world. But just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t still talk to your coworkers. Chances are very high that you were using Teams, Slack, Skype, or any of a number of group chat programs already. If so, keep using them. Remember, your coworkers are working from home, too, and would probably welcome the chance to talk to someone else during the day.

Telecommuting can be an adjustment, and we hope it’s not a difficult one. Following these tips can help make this time at home an easier and more productive work experience.


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