5 Fantastic Job-Searching Tips

In our last blog post, we talked about how to nail your online or phone interview. But what if you’re having trouble finding a job in the first place? This week we’re offering tips on making the most out of your job-hunting experience.

Rewrite Your Resume

First impressions are everything, and your resume will be your introduction to most hiring managers. Nothing would be worse than forgetting an important piece of work history or having a typo in the first sentence. So…

  • Dedicate your first solid block of time to updating your resume and making it the best representation of you it can be.
  • Don’t forget a short and to-the-point summary. This will be the first thing the manager reads, and you want it to be great.
  • Have one or two people you trust proofread your resume and offer suggestions.

Great writing tips can be found on sites like Indeed and Resume Genius.

Contact A Recruiter (hint, hint)

A recruiter can be an invaluable tool for finding a new job. They have first-name relationships with hiring managers, they know what the “must have” skills are for the open jobs, and they can offer you pointers throughout the process. They can do an “interview prep” and help you know what to say to dazzle a client during an interview. Reach out and introduce yourself today!

Use LinkedIn

Make it as easy for employers to find you as you want finding their jobs to be. LinkedIn can be one of your most valuable tools. Make sure to…

  • Update your profile to show you are interested in new opportunities. You can list everything you’re looking for – jobs, titles, etc. – without alerting others, which is very useful if you’re currently working.
  • Note if you are open to contract work, as many recruiters only search for people open to contracts. Of course, these jobs could transition into permanent roles.
  • Make sure your profile matches your resume, double-checking everything from job titles to dates to locations.

If you want to maximize your LinkedIn experience, we highly recommend this tutorial from Heather Austin. In fact, we recommend all the videos on her channel.

Establish A Search Plan

Nobody wants to waste their time or effort, especially when they are looking for a job. So, to maximize your time…

  • Plan ahead, organize yourself, and always have an updated resume that highlights the right skills and background for the right jobs.
  • Don’t rush the process.
  • Don’t apply for jobs you have little interest in.
  • Do make a list of what jobs you have applied to already.
  • If your ideal career requires skills you don’t have, consider taking a class or earning a certification while you search.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to other people, either. Not only will some of these people be your references (and make sure you prepare them for possible calls), but they may know a hiring manager looking for someone with your skill set.

Get Feedback

If you get an interview, congratulations. But please remember to gather feedback afterwards, especially if they don’t hire you. They may have important insight into how you can nail your next one. Finally, don’t let the hunt get you down. We’ve all had to search for a new job, and we know how easy it can be to get discouraged. Having a positive attitude and treating yourself like you deserve the job you want will do a lot to keep you motivated.

Queen Consulting Group is always looking for talented individuals looking to take the next step in their career. If you’re ready to begin searching for your next exciting opportunity in IT, check out our careers page. 


Next Week: Self-Care During The Job Search.

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