How To Keep Yourself Occupied While Job Hunting

You’re following all the tips we gave you in our last blog and are working hard to find a great new career. But after a certain point, dedicating all your time to job hunting can start to wear on you. So, how can you keep yourself occupied and still feel productive?


Keep Yourself Educated

Do you want to learn something new, ideally a skill you could take with you to your new job? Many organizations are offering free online courses so you can learn while at home. For example, people looking for jobs in the IT field might want to consider one of the 450 computer coding classes the eight Ivy League school are currently offering for free. It’s rare to have an opportunity like this, so take advantage of the opportunity while you can.

Keep Yourself Occupied

While you already have many hobbies, some of them – like team sports – might not be feasible, while others might have gotten boring if they’re all you’re doing right now. So, why not learn a new skill, like baking, or painting, or knitting, or literally whatever suits your fancy? We love this list of online resources where you can pick up some new hobbies. But please remember, don’t get frustrated if you’re not good at them right away. The enjoyment most often comes from participating in, rather than mastering, the hobby.

Keep Yourself Healthy

A healthy diet shouldn’t take a backseat to the coronavirus. Numerous web sites, including the USDA’s, are happy to help you plan healthy meals for your family. And don’t forget to keep physically active, too. Go for walks outside when you can, and make sure you stand up, stretch, and move around when you’re working on your computer. You can also find lots of exercise videos online so you don’t have to abandon your workouts while quarantining.

Keep Yourself Happy

This is a stressful, anxious time. We don’t know if going to the grocery store will get us sick, the economy is the most volatile it’s been in generations, and the news is mostly doom and gloom. So, take a break. Find something that makes you happy. Videos of puppies are always fun. We’re also a fan of the Instagram account Good News Movement, which is literally a collection of headlines about good news. Whatever makes you happy, whatever relaxes you, spend some time with it. You’ll thank yourself later.


Bettering yourself doesn’t begin and end with finding a new job. It means taking care of all aspects of your mental and physical wellbeing. We know you’ll get through this and come out the other side a healthier, happier person.


If you’re ready to begin searching for your next exciting opportunity in IT, check out our careers page.


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