How You Can Help Your Community During The Coronavirus

You may not have a job and you have to keep a closer watch on your money than normal, but you know that you are still very fortunate compared to many people, and you want to pay that good fortune forward. But what, exactly, can you do at a time like this?


Help Healthcare Workers

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are on the frontlines of the battle against coronavirus, and they deserve all the help they can get. Do you have a stash of personal protective equipment? Donate it to a nearby hospital. They need it far more than you do. Don’t have any? Consider making some masks. Plenty of instructional resources can be found online. Don’t feel crafty? Buy them a meal, or volunteer to watch their children, or pick up supplies for them.

Help Your Neighbors

Do you know someone who’s elderly, pregnant, or has a compromised immune system? They and many others can’t safely buy groceries or other essential supplies, but you can. Volunteer to go on shopping trips for people who can’t, and make getting food safe and stress-free for them. You can also help them with their yardwork or other tasks they might otherwise have to hire help for. Not only will you be doing someone a favor, but it will get you out of the house and physically active, too. Your neighbors don’t have to be people you know personally, either. Your local senior center or retirement community may need help with something. Just remember to call or email before showing up. Senior citizens are among the most vulnerable to this disease, and you don’t want your good deed to have tragic consequences.

Help The Needy

There is a national shortage of blood right now. Are you comfortable giving blood? Find a local blood drive here. Food banks need donations, too, but can feed more people with financial gifts than donated food. To find a food pantry near you, visit this site.

Help Clean Up Your Neighborhood

Is there a lot of litter in your neighborhood? Have trees and plants grown too large and made communal areas look unsightly? Consider spending a few hours cleaning up these areas. Just remember to stay safe: maintain social distancing and use tools, not your bare hands, to move anything. And if you get sweaty, use a rag, not your hands, to wipe off your face.


Helping others less fortunate than you is a great way to spend your time. Employers appreciate someone who is willing to go the extra mile for others, and those who need help will remember your kindness. And in times like these, we need to watch out for each other more than ever.


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