While your hiring department normally fills your open jobs, sometimes that process takes longer than you’d like or you don’t always get the quality candidates you desire.  If you’ve never worked with a staffing company before, let us tell you why you’d benefit from partnering with one like Queen.


We Have Connections

When your company sends us your open positions, we don’t start our employee search from scratch. We have a large body of candidates to match with your job – business analysts, cyber security engineers, Epic developers and many more – some of whom we’ve worked with for years on different assignments. Plus, new candidates approach us all the time, so we’re always refreshing our talent roster.


We Do the Groundwork

Reviewing resumes and calling references can be time-consuming.  At times, frustratingly, all that work yields no results. We vet all our candidates and do multiple levels of screening for you, so by the time you get to the interview stage, you’re only talking to candidates we think are an excellent fit for both your job and your company’s culture.


We Communicate with You

Just because we have a large talent pool doesn’t mean we throw just any resume your way. Before we start our search, we take the time to learn exactly what you desire. We also provide market data and intelligence on what’s available. So, if the exact candidate you want is tricky to find, we’ll present the perfect alternative.


We Take Care of Compensation

You’ll pay us an hourly fee for the consultant, but that’s all you have to handle.  We’ll take care of their payroll and benefits and answer their questions about both.


We Stay with You

Our relationship doesn’t end once the consultant starts working.  We stay in touch about their performance and to make sure you’re getting the value you pay for.


To learn more about teaming up with Queen, visit the Employers section of our web site.



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