In an ever-changing job market, staffing firms need to stay ahead of the curve and have their finger on the pulse of the latest hiring trends and recruiting technology.  The team at QCG works tirelessly to use the latest industry tools and hone their ability to change gears quickly to stay in step with the fast paced recruiting tactics of 2020.


How LinkedIn Affects Recruiting

LinkedIn is easily one of the most popular job-hunting resources. When job seekers update their resumes and are looking for new jobs, LinkedIn is often the first place they go. If you’re not using LinkedIn, we strongly recommend you create an account, upload your resume and start making connections.

Making Technology Work for Us

Everyone uses the Internet and has a cell phone, so good recruiters need to set themselves apart and make these tools work for them.  At Queen, our recruiters are constantly learning, adapting, and personalizing. One thing we’ve learned is that Gmail accounts often flag recruiting emails as spam. So if you as a job hunter haven’t received responses to your applications, or you as a hiring manager don’t see interest in your interview requests, the reason could be as simple as that.

At Queen we also know that email isn’t always reliable, so we never put all our eggs in that basket. When we find the next great candidate, we’re not going to send one email and quit. We’ll send personalized texts and leave detailed voicemails, because Queen doesn’t just see you as a name on a resume; we want to get to know you personally and our communication reflects that.

COVID and Beyond

By now you’re probably asking how coronavirus has affected recruiting in the IT world. While a lot more is done online (interviews, for example), surprisingly, not much has changed. You may think there are ten applicants for every job, but the numbers are very similar to before the pandemic. The IT job market is still very strong, so you shouldn’t be afraid to apply.

We’re Here to Help

Whether you’re an employer or consultant, Queen has the resources to find you the perfect candidate, or the perfect role.


If you’re ready to begin searching for your next exciting opportunity in IT, check out our careers page.

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