We’ve talked about how much we value LinkedIn in previous blogs, but we’ve only scratched the surface on everything this site can do for you. Today, we’d like to talk about how LinkedIn can help you maximize your career.


A Perfect Profile of You

Creating a personal profile is the first thing everyone does when they sign up for LinkedIn. But we want to see more than just your resume. Indicate if you’re open to new jobs and if you’re willing to relocate. Note where you went to school. Get recommendations from past and present supervisors, which are valuable if you need people to speak positively but aren’t ready to provide references.


Use a Professional Photo

While you don’t have to pay for a professional photo shoot, you should pose and dress professionally for your headshot. Don’t just crop yourself out of a Facebook photo of your last beach trip.


Select your Industry

When setting up your profile, you can select an industry and add skills. Recruiters use these when searching for candidates instead of just entering keywords. If you build out all your skills and select an industry, it increases our odds of finding you.


Be Specific

We look for certain keywords and technologies, so you should include a comprehensive skill set and buzzwords in your profile. For example, are you an Epic Analyst? If so, have you worked with Ambulatory? What about Community Connect? Did you implement it? These modules often go hand in hand with CareEverywhere or EpicCare Link. Did you use those? Did you work with nurses, physicians, or clinicians? Did you gather requirements or create any sort of specs/documentation? Be as specific as this example. It’ll elevate you above the crowd and make it easier for us to find you.


A Place for Professional Connections

LinkedIn allows you to connect with a whole network of potential references and leads. Is an old classmate a programmer at a company you’re applying at? Do you need a project manager to say how hard you work? A few clicks of the mouse and a few short messages could help you connect with someone who can help get you in the door of that perfect company.


Learn About your New Employer

LinkedIn isn’t just a resource for employees. A company with a solid profile and regular updates can publicize more about itself and its corporate culture than a simple job listing could. These profiles could tell you a lot about your prospective employers and may even help you decide where you want to work.


Find a New Job

You’ve learned about a company, now you want a career there. Fortunately, LinkedIn hosts a huge job board. You can search for job titles, skills, or even companies themselves anywhere in America. Once LinkedIn has an idea of what you’re looking for, they’ll suggest jobs to you. And their privacy settings mean you don’t have to let anyone know you’re on the hunt.


Queen’s Recruiters are Here

Queen’s recruiters actively look for new employees on LinkedIn. If we’re in your network, you could have a chance to see new positions before anyone else. We’ll look for you, too, and even if your contact information isn’t public, we can still contact you through LinkedIn’s private messaging service.


Be Active

None of these resources will help if you’re not actively using LinkedIn. Network, make connections, get recommendations, and post thoughtful, professional content to your own page. Remind your future employer that you’re here and you’re ready to get to work.


We found you on LinkedIn, now we want to recruit you. To see the IT jobs we’re filling, check out our careers page.


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