Recently, our blog focused on the benefits LinkedIn provides job seekers. But there is a whole other side of LinkedIn tailor-made for businesses, allowing companies to attract highly sought after individuals like our consultants here at Queen.


Share Quality Content

Have you opened a new office? Has your company released a hot new product? Does someone on your Human Resources staff have insights to share about the working world? Your LinkedIn company profile is the perfect place to share that information. If you regularly post high-value information, people will have more reason to follow your business, engage with your posts, and share your content with their network. This, in turn, will grow your network and make people more interested in working for you.


Post Your Jobs

Many businesses use LinkedIn’s job boards, but your company can also use its business profile page to spotlight hot positions you want to fill right away. The more people following your business page, the likelier you are to fill that role with your ideal candidate.


Share Your Company Culture

Are you environmentally friendly? Do you support charities? Do you have photos of your team at a recent company outing or event that will showcase your company’s culture?  Sharing what your company does beyond the work you do can speak volumes about the kind of company you are. This, in turn, can help attract like-minded employees. If a job hunter agrees with your corporate values and mindset, they will be more eager to work for you and could be more interested in turning their contract assignment into a permanent one.


Review Potential Employees

Queen has shared a few great candidates with you, but you want to know a little bit more about them. Looking up their LinkedIn profiles can give you a clearer idea of what a candidate is like. For example, they might have a great recommendation from a former employer. They might even know one of your current staffers who would love to work with them again.


Improve Your SEO

Google is a tool many prospective employees use, from looking for businesses in their industry to learning more about a company itself. The more quality content you post on your LinkedIn page, the likelier it is that you’ll appear higher on Google and your next great employee will find you.


To learn more about teaming up with Queen, visit the Employers section of our web site.


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