Robust technology systems and support are vital to learning institutions of all kinds

As education grows increasingly complex, the systems needed to organize and communicate information must become larger, faster and more reliable. These systems require advanced IT acumen to remain up and running. Queen Consulting Group provides academia with the IT professionals they need to succeed.

With the right IT talent, schools and universities can:

  • Improve performance and delivery
  • Accommodate new technologies
  • Keep critical systems online
  • Securely manage student information

IT professionals can:

  • Use their skills and experience
  • Confidentially search for opportunities
  • Advance their IT careers and build new skills
  • Connect with employers nationwide

IT talent is in demand.

Queen Consulting Group can help you find and attract people with the skills and experience your organization requires. Contact us today to request a technical consultant.

Looking for a technical professional position, but don’t have the time to dedicate to a full-time search?

Unlike many temporary staffing and IT recruiting firms, we have connections with employers who need people with your qualifications and experience.